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Free Tracked US Shipping for Orders over $50! (Orders from outside North America, please visit my Etsy!)
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B-GRADE Embroidered Beanies
Starmint Art

B-GRADE Embroidered Beanies

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Choose your pick of these new Starmint embroidered beanie designs, with bargain prices! These B-Grade beanies feature minor imperfections that don't interfere with the functionality of these hats, or more importantly, your enjoyment of them!

Most imperfections are little flaws in the embroidery such as colors going outside the lines a bit or inconsistent thread that isn't exactly where it's supposed to be. A handful of beanies may have small inconsistencies in the knit material. 

Please do not purchase B-Grade products unless you are satisfied with these conditions!

From afar, these beanies look perfect, and in your heart, they will be perfect too. <3

The embroidered designs stand out great and each hat will keep your head warm! Currently we only offer one beanie size and all our beanies are comprised of acrylic fibers. 

Your beanie may arrive wrinkled from transport but don't worry! We recommend steaming or ironing your beanie underneath something like a towel (to protect it from the heat) to remove any unwanted creasing. Please hand wash only to increase the longevity of your accessory! 

This Item Is:
-One B-GRADE embroidered beanie

 One Size Fits Most!

Colors may vary slightly from the screen due to photo and screen discrepancies.


-due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times may be unpredictable. Once an order is shipped and out of the seller’s hands, the seller is not responsible for lost mail or delayed shipping. We appreciate your understanding!

No returns or exchanges, but feel free to contact us if there are any problems with the order and we will be more than happy to help!

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